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These two will kill me with feels. THESE DORKS WILL HAVE ME KILLED.

"So, Peg leg!"

i laughed too much

while hiccup is talking about vengeance and life-altering crippling injury he unflinchingly sticks his hands in the dragon’s mouth right on those teeth

#he actually teasingly pushes them up #knowing that toothless won’t resist and pierce his hands #or not even thinking of the possibility #despite that what he’s saying is shockingly hurtful #and doubtless something hiccup has wondered #if it’s true #on nights he’s lying awake in the dark #unable to sleep or think of designs #because of the pain in his leg #his leg that’s gone #he’s wondered if this is true #because the things you say offhandedly #in a joke #are so often what your deep heart fears #and yet #he’s believes he deserved it #and even if hiccup will never know if he could have all been saved #he won’t ever know #there’s forgiveness here #excuse me for barfing nonsense #all over the tags #i am overcome by dragonbro feels



Jardin de fleurs :)

Yoshi, prepare yourself to be a baby sitter.

Still playing this game on my SNES.  pour les fans de Yoshi :3

PS: got my summer art homework, so I’ll post less than usual, voila =) 

one of lifes greatest joys are taiga cosplayers